Health Issues and the IEP

It is often difficult to discuss health concerns with your child's school leadership. Learn what questions to ask and what should be in a good Individualized Health Plan as part of your child's Individualized Education Plan.

Parent Support Program

Learning that your child has a disability or special health care need is scary - Families Helping Families of Acadiana's Acadiana Parent Connection is here to help!

Top Tips for Effective IEP Meetings

Join us for this new training as we go over some of the best IEP Tips for organizing yourself for an effective IEP meeting. We will break them down into three steps – before, during, and after the IEP meeting. Implementing our top 5 tips in each of these sections should result in an effective

Special Education Frequently Asked Questions 1.0

Join us during this training as we cover some of the most commonly asked questions by parents about the Identification, Referral and Evaluation Process of special education. As part of our FAQ series, we also offer Special Education FAQ 2.0 that covers the IEP process and Special Education FAQ 3.0 that covers the transition process.