Autism Awareness Month

In support of #AutismAwarenessMonth, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office would like to remind you about our free Autism Alert service.

 An Autism Alert is simply a form that is filled out by a parent or guardian living with someone who has Autism. This Alert is placed within the 911 system, which services all cities within Lafayette Parish.

 When Deputies are dispatched to a residence with an Autism Alert Notification, the Deputy/Officer will be made aware that there is a person with Autism who resides there. The Deputy/Officer then knows that a person with Autism may not respond appropriately, in a high stress environment.

 To request an Autism Alert, call our Community Services Unit at 337-236-5657.  Autism Alerts are maintained via HIPAA regulations and are kept private. The Autism Alerts cannot be mailed or faxed.

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